A self-funded health plan requires employers, usually with 100 or more employees, to operate their own health plan as opposed to purchasing a traditional fully-insured plan.  Employers may choose to self-insure, as it can save premiums and increase profits.  A self-insured plan will increase the risk that a company has compared to a fully-insured plan.  

If an employer is looking to self-insure, there are some factors to consider:

  • Fixed cost vs. variable cost
  • Fixed costs include admin fees, stop loss premiums, & TPA fees
  • Variable costs include payment of claims
  • Stop loss coverage can be purchased to cover catostraphic claims that may happen under a self-insured plan
  • Some employers may use a captive to further reduce their insurance risk

Athens Insurance has partnered with HealthSCOPE and Captive Solutions & Options to create a benefit package that is designed to reduce your risk exposure while maximizing your potential savings and profit.  

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